Monday, April 19, 2010

Walborg treasures - Exclusive Beaded Purses

I want to introduce the most beautiful and delicate purses I have ever seen: The Walborg Collection.
It was Hilde Walborg Weinberg who founded the company in the late 1940's in no other city than New York. She designed all of her bags, only using the best and finest materials and manufacturing processes available at the time.
By the 1950's the bags and purses had become very popular and Hilde Walborg was one of the desired designers of her time.

In January 1954 her new showroom on 149 Madison Avenue in New York opened its doors.
From the beginning and up to the 1950 the Original Walborg designs were crafted in Italy, France and in Belgium. Original purses show it on the tag.
Later the Walborg Corporation had many special bead designs manufactured overseas such as in Hong Kong or China. Unfortunately there is no further company information available after 1963.

See one of the fabulous bags here:

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